Our service and practice is mainly oriented towards:

  • Incorporation of Offshore & Onshore Companies in most known jurisdictions
  • Foundations of Private Interest in Panama and Seychelles
  • Vessel and Yacht Registration in Marshall Islands, BVI, St. Kitts Nevis, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda,  Belize, Panama & Jamaica
  • Full 24/7 Services on Panama Canal crossing ( ship chandler, medication supply, medical attention to crew members,    
  • Tax Optimization through multi-jurisdictional European, Asian and Offshore structures combined to your commercial needs
  • Accounting Services for companies in most jurisdictions
  • Banking (Trading, Holding and Fiduciary accounts, time deposits) Panama,  Hong Kong,  Bahamas,  Latvia,   Antigua  and  Barbuda, Belize,
  • Nominee Directors and Shareholders
  • Dual passport programs (Dominican Republic , St.Kitts & Nevis)
  • Dual citizenship and residence visas in Panama
  • Yacht repairs, hull repairs, engine spare parts, cleaning services, parts, pest control and provisions of all  services, tourist guides and tours while in Panama  and assistance on  any other necessary need or assistance while in Panama
  • Naval Mortgage registration