Yacht Registration

Yacht Registration Provisions and Supply Operation


Gerli & Company´s relations with yachts, their registration and supply, spans to over 20 years. Eng . Jorge Fierro is a veteran in Panama Canal affairs, transits and retired manager of Norton Lilly ship supply unit, will make a difference when it comes to satisfying the needs of yacht owners, on a worldwide scale.
Our company´s Yacht and Vessel registration unit meets client’s demands and needs by supplying legal documentation from newly constructed vessels, change of ownership or flag transfer to a registry that provides additional benefits. Your yacht needs may change from one journey to another, therefore the importance of choosing a flag that sits on neutral grounds .
At Gerli & Company, we not only seek and advise over the most convenient registry for your yacht, in terms of navigation, port state control, but also on supply of all needs that are related to the well and comfortable.

All under one roof:

✔️ Over 20 years in international ship supply and documentation services
✔️ Vessel and Yacht Registration
✔️ Excellent relations with Port State control officers and Registry´s Marine surveyors
✔️ Medical assistance, Medications
✔️ Professional Garbage disposal
✔️ Hull repairs
✔️ Machinery maintenance, supply of spare parts
✔️ Tourist guide services
✔️  Crew licenses