Legal and Ancillary Services


Legal and Ancillary Services we offer:

  • Nominee Directors: (Nominee Shareholder or Nominee Board of Director) Provision of nominee directors, for companies incorporated / registered by Gerli & Company or those which have been registered by clients and require a nominee service. In general terms , a Nominee directors is an individual or legal entity who acts as a director on the board of directors of a corporation, on behalf of another person know as a UBO ( Beneficial Owner) such as a bank, investor, or owner.
  • Foundations of Private Interest : This special and particular legal entity, has diverse similarities with to a trust, while maintaining its own legal corporate status as a corporation. The Private Interest Foundation is formed through the donation of assets belonging to a person for specific purposes ( THE FOUNDER) , which are detailed in its foundation charter or articles of association . A Panama foundation has multiple uses and purposes, it may own property, serve as hereditary vehicles, own bank accounts, among many other uses.
  • Deoffshorization of companies that fall within the rules of the Controlled Foreign Companies laws

“Deoffshorization law”- intended to restrict the use of offshore corporate and trust structures controlled by Russian taxpayers, by taxing profits made through such structures, that have not otherwise been distributed back into Russia. 

  • Planning for Retirement – Foundations of Private Interests – Trusts
  • Second Passport Economic Citizenship & Residence Solutions
  • Trading and commercial bank accounts
  • Company formation structures, Nominee directors and Shareholders
  • Provision of Registered Agent office, Nominee Director and Shareholders
  • Accounting and book keeping
  • Open a bank account outside in most geographical areas according to your taxation requirements
  • Company Re-domiciling from and / to any jurisdiction